Hi all,

Around about October we noticed 3 kittens visiting our communal gardens. One had a flea collar wrapped around his neck and leg and it took us about a week to catch him and cut it off.

We contacted RSPCA and they advised not to feed them as they were feral. They are not as someone once wanted them as they had flea collars on.

Anyway we then contacted cats protection and they came round but they are unable to take them as they have no one to take them just yet. They say hopefully the new year.

These 3 kittens are lovely, one is a bit scared but they are just so cute. Anyway we are feeding them but they eat loads as they probably have worms. I can’t believe someone would just leave them

Anyway are there any other organisations that could help. We are in South London area. It’s just to be honest it is getting expensive and a lot colder. We put a hot water bottle under the blanket we gave them but it’s just not fair on them.

Any ideas people?

Thanks x