Hi I’m new here and just looking for advice. I have been in and out of debt for years but have had enough of it and really want to clear my credit file up to hopefully one day apply for a mortgage at some point in the future.

I currently have a ccj and 2 defaults on my report. The ccj is from 2012, one default is from 2010 and the other 2012. I am slowly paying all 3 off. I have no credit cards or anything and the only other thing on my report is a provident loan which I paid off early and was never late on any payments etc.

I haven’t applied for credit in about a year but wondered how to boost my report as it shows as very poor but I can’t get credit cards or any kind of credit which might help boost it by having some current good behaviour on there. So is there anything that I can do to give it a boost? I looked at a vanquish credit card on this site and came out at 5 out of 10 as my chance of being accepted so I didn’t apply. Should I take the chance? Do I wait until I’ve paid all defaults and ccj back then try? I just feel a bit stuck on what to do to improve things or if there’s anything I can do at all or if I just have to wait for them to drop off my file.

Any advice would be great thanks!