As above, I’d happily freeze all of those. In general, most things can be frozen, the only caveat being if it’s been frozen, then thawed, then you shouldn’t re-freeze it. I freeze pretty much everything – like you, buy stuff that’s within a day or two of it’s best-before date and stick it straight in the freezer. Bread is a great favourite, buy it by the bucket-load when it’s reduced and into the freezer it goes. The only things that don’t freeze well are things like salad and soft fruit – the ice crystals break the cell walls, meaning they go mushy. Perfectly safe to eat, but not too appetizing.

As a slight aside, freezers work most efficiently when they’re full. Going back to my old favourite bread, if the freezer has empty space, I’ll stock up on bread to fill it. On the basis that it’ll last for ages and I’m going to need it anyway.