To cut a long story shot im looking for some advice on how to get my credit file corrected by orange. I had two phone contracts with them, after a holiday to Egypt I cam home to find two large phone bills both of which I knew were incorrect due to me barely using the phones abroad. I rung orange to dispute them both, this was an ongoing process for a while and was always a case of me chasing them up.

During this dispute I was refusing to pay anything towards the amounts requested until the bills had been resolved. One of the phone bills is now paid off and the other phone bill a payment plan was agreed with orange after they had corrected the bill.

The issue here is what they have put on my credit file, the first phone bill that is now paid off shows 2 late payments until it was settled. Am I within my right in disputing these late payments as I was in a dispute with orange themselves.

The second issue is the phone bill I still have outstanding, my credit report now shows that I have defaulted on the amount in November and have 3 late payments before that. Am I right in thinking that my credit report should show an arranged payment plan is in place to clear the debt and I should of defaulted. I have everything in writing from orange stating the payment plan and I have kept up to date with the payment plan.

Finally to top things off I have recently contacted orange via email regarding both phone accounts to get my credit report updated yet they seem to ignore everything I put in the email and just reply saying please pay your outstanding balance and your credit report will be updated automatically at the end of the month.

Any advice or help on this situation would be greatly appreciated, other than these two accounts I have almost been up to date and timely with any credit in my name. Orange seem to be greatly damaging my credit profile unfairly.