I’m a freelance journalist and I’ve been given permission to post on MSE asking for people to help with a story I’m working on. You can see my name on the Companies/organisations/journalists with permission to post list.

I’m writing a story for the Guardian on the nastiest email scams and looking for some help from MSE users.

I’m looking for examples of sick email scams that turn your stomach – eg the following from the Action Fraud website:

1) Police are warning about death threat hoax emails from ‘Muhammed Yunus Jinnah’, which states that he has been hired to kill the recipient.

2) NICE is warning people of a scam email that suggests victims have cancer

3) People are pretending to be assassins, saying you are my target but if you pay me I won’t kill you

4) Emails saying you have been sent a court notice and need to attend a court hearing but the attachment contains malware

Do you know of any others?

Have you ever fallen for a really sick scam and would you be willing to talk about? (Can use a fake name if you want to.)

Keen to talk to people today/tomorrow if possible.

Please email me: donna.freelancer+media@gmail.com or tweet me @DonnaLFerguson