Well the kids will both soon be off to A levels and University. Due to illness and redundancy – I’m thinking of downsizing from this big house I am rattling around in and becoming mortgage free. My plan is to do so in about two years time, although I keep looking at suitable houses now ! All I think about is not having a mortgage or any debts ( mine are small – just a car loan ) but I do have a big mortgage.

My outgoings will reduce by 66% and means I’m just paying out for cheaper utility bills and food. It feels like a huge freedom awaits !

I’m 50 this year. I used to be a very high earner – now I earn about 10% of my previous income – but am very happy. Im lucky that I’ve had the support of some tax credits and disability benefits – but it’s like living on a knife edge worrying they will change so I’d rather be free.

This has been the kids house for 14 years but now they are becoming more independent they have got used to the fact we are downsizing. We can still get a nice modern 3 bed semi with a garage. We are in greater London but I want to move a few more miles out.

Any tips and thoughts would be great it feels good to have made the decision