Via Rockstar games:

“In celebration of the launch of Grand Theft Auto V for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, we’re kicking off a pair of epic giveaways with your chance to score a grand prize super limited-edition Custom GTAV PS4 or Xbox One console – along with runners-up Deluxe Prize Packs stacked with exclusive new GTAV gear and collectibles.

You can enter at the Rockstar Games page on Facebook, where the Grand Prize is the custom PS4, and at the Rockstar Games Social Club, where we’re giving away the custom Xbox One.”

Link to Rockstar Games Social club entry (for Xbox One contest) is here. Login/register for free:

Link to Facebook app (for PS4 contest) is here too, though this has already been posted on another thread.

T&C found here:

If someone could put the links up for me I’d be ever so grateful.