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E: 19/02 Win £200 for each puzzle Bella Issue 3


Today, 1:17 PM

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ArrowE: 19/02 Win £200 for each puzzle Bella Issue 3

Issue 3: Closing date 19 January 2015

Please enter your answers to all competitions
you wish to enter,
tick the confirm box then click submit.
You may enter as many or as few as you want.
It’s that easy!

Prizes are £200 for each puzzle.

Reg/Log in..

home page

Issue 3 page 60
Prize Crossword – OLIVIA COLMAN

Issue 3 page 61
Prize Arrowword – ADORING

… … … …

congratulations to
L. Slater from Burnley,
S. Rennie from Southampton,
A. Burgess from Stroud,
Mrs. Walsam from London
our prize puzzle winners from issue 49/50.

Congratulations to
M. Mullarkey from London,
the winner of the issue 49/50
family holiday to Almeria competition

.. .. ..

this weeks new clicktowin’s
can be found here for those who like to do them
while doing the puzzle comp..

clickswin winners for bella can be found here..

Smiling is contagious you catch it like the flu,

when someone smiled at me today i

started smiling too,

i passed around the corner & someone

saw my grin & when he smiled

i realized i’d passed it on to him,

so if you feel a smile begin don’t leave it

undetected let’s start an epidemic quick &

get the world infected.。◕‿◕。

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