In October 2013 I paid £29.99 to Eggxactly Ltd. for one of their limited edition egg cookers as I had been accepted as one of the first testers of the machine. Delivery was promised within 12 weeks. Nothing was ever delivered.

I contacted Eggxactly Ltd in January 2014 and got this reply:
“Thank you for your enquiry and apologies for the lack of updates. I’m very sorry that you have been waiting for so long. We had hoped to get quite a few cookers out before Christmas, but unfortunately we have had an unexpected delay in the supply of some parts. This means that we still can’t give you a precise delivery date, but as soon as we have a better idea we’ll let you know. We are also adding an update page to the website and will send you a link to it shortly. Should you decide in the meantime that you don’t wish to wait any longer you can request a refund at any time.”

Being very curious about the new design, I decided to wait a bit longer rather than get a refund! I wrote to them again in March pointing out that they had not delivered on their promise to keep testers posted. I then got this reply:
“Thank you for your feedback and your patience. You are absolutely right, our communication has left a lot to be desired, and I will send out an update/link this week. On the supply front there has at last been some progress: A week ago we finally received most of the parts we had been waiting for. One part is still with the printers, but we have been starting with the sub-assemblies. Provided that the remaining part doesn’t take too long we hope to be able to send your cooker by the end of March/beginning of April.”

It’s now coming to end of June and still no communication nor delivery of the market test egg cooker. My last email sent in May got no reply at all.

Are there any other Eggxactly market testers out there who might be able to shed some light on this? Have any been delivered at all?