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If you’re fed up of the flashes and bangs outside your window this week, check out these rather more subtle “flowerworks”, created by Alchemy Fireworks for Interflora. They’ve been made from flower petals – turning on its head the usual pyrotechnic terminology for different types of fireworks – chrysanthemum and peony, for instance.

David Ragg, head of product development at Interflora, said: “We carefully selected the flowers for best effect, using dried petals from roses, calendula, cornflowers and delphiniums, which coincidently look a lot like a rocket shooting into the sky.”

The explosions were captured using a super slow-motion Phantom HD camera filming at a rate of up to 1,600 frames a second. How did they prevent the petals from burning? By using compressed air. Clever, but probably not something you can be mimicking at home with that tired-looking bunch of dahlias from the garden. There’s more information on how the flower fireworks were created here.