There’s no such company as “Ultimate Customer Solutions”, does it say somewhere in the small print “trading as Ultimate Customer Solutions”?

If so I’m guessing it says “ZZPS trading as…”

Anyway, you should ignore “Ultimate Customer Solutions” and any other letters from debt collectors, they are utterly toothless and their threats are empty.

Almost certainly not worth appealing this. However, since LPS is an IPC member it is probably pretending that the £100 it wants from you is something you contractually agreed to pay, so you could send them a cancellation of the contract:

Dear Sirs,

You allege that the sum demanded is payable under the terms of a contract entered into with yourselves. The existence of any such contract is denied, but since you assert it does exist please note the following.

I hereby give notice of the cancellation of any contract for the supply of the following service: parking at ?????? on dd/mm/yyyy. This notice is given under the terms of the The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013.

Sign it, date it, give your address and get a free certificate of posting from the post office. Then ignore everything unless you get a letter before claim from LPS or their solicitors, or you get real court papers.

Can’t hurt your credit record unless:

(i) They take you to court
(ii) You lose and
(iii) You fail to pay within 28 days of being ordered to do so by the court.

Clearly you are a long, long way from any of that happening!

I am an anti-enforcement hobbyist with little or no legal training. I am not and never have been a nightclub bouncer.