Hi all,

Very often visit these forums, but my first time posting. Please be gentle!

I’m after some advice. I am currently frantically saving for a deposit to buy myself my first home. I am currently saving a minimum of £750/month, but often closer to £1000/month.

This FY, I have been stashing these savings in an ISA with a reasonably good interest rate. I am now interested in the Help to Buy ISA, but I am concerned about the low amount of maximum saving per month.

At a max of £200/month that can be put into the help to buy ISA, and effectively forfeiting my subscription to any other ISAs this coming FY, can anyone recommend to me ways to save the rest of my money? Or would I be better off just leaving it in a regular ISA?

If it helps, I will be looking at buying towards the end of the year, or early 2016, so lets assume I would use a Help to Buy ISA for 3 months (the minimum period only) with the initial £1000 deposit and £200/month going in.

Thank you in advance,