Hi, just wondered if anyone has any tips on how to hurry up a sale if you are only selling and not buying?

Basically we agreed the sale of our flat at the beginning of august with the buyers being keen to move asap and their buyers being first time buyers, so only 3 in the chain.

Originally all concerned were happy to complete by end of october, however that was delayed by the first time buyers, and has since been delayed up until 28th november. On that day we foudn out that the first time buyers were waiting on some money from a previous marriage and couldn’t complete until it was through supposedly on 29th november.

Despite constantly calling our solicitors and estate agent nobody can really find out what is going on and we still havent exchanged.

This wouldn’t be too much of a pain, but we were renting out our property until end of october (when we were supposed to complete) but now its empty and costing us £1000 per month being empty.

If we don’t complete by end of december then we literally don’t have any money left to pay for our flat and are likely to have to pull out of the sale so we can get it rented again.

We dont want to do this at all, but how can we hurry them up to get it completed before jan without losing them as buyers?

sorry for the long post!