Hi, My son bought a car in July14 and then 14wks later his head casket blew, so it turned out more economical to replace the engine with a 2nd hand one with only 36K on clock (his blown one had done 75K) this cost him £800 to buy and get fitted, then one week later his car was written off by my neighbour reversing into the side of his car an hr before he was due to get married !! (He doesn’t have much luck….)

The 3rd parties insurers (Aviva) have admitted full liability and my sons insurers have “closed their file” due to this. Now here is the problem, Aviva have outsourced the dealing of the car to a company in Bedfordshire, who have “apparently” (after NO communication with my son what so ever) sent my son a chq a few days b4 xmas (which he still has not got!!!) for what they say is a “fair price” for his car, I explained about the new engine and they emailed back and said that this is NOT being taken into consideration on the “offer” even though I explained the reason for putting the new engine in was to give my son a sound car to use to the next 5+yrs.

Now surely if you sourced a car on the net/garage and found 2 identical reg cars, one with 75K on clock and the other with 36K, would you not expect to pay MORE for the one with less mileage? Or is this not how insurance write off offers work?

Also Aviva took his hire car off him 4 days after apparently sending out this unrecorded chq with the post office at their busiest time of the year, leaving him with NO option but to hire a car himself, on xmas eve, and at great expense as he’s only 22….way to go AVIVA