Not sure if this is a daft question or not but here goes.

I have an old Corsa with 90k miles on it that is starting to get a little niggly and I’m getting a bit less confident with long trips in it. I’m planning to buy a new car fairly soon, mostly because I live well in the sticks and don’t want to be in a position of no car if the Corsa goes fatal. Also to use the new car on longer trips.

Work from home so normal week is 20 mile round trips say 5 times a week, 200 mile round trips are once or twice a month.

Corsa has been a real diamond so dont want to scrap it until absolutely necessary and anyway still like driving it.

I think once the new car is in the drive it might get driven most, not sure though.

Question is, is there a minimum you should drive a car to keep it running well? Would the same apply to an old car vs a new one?

Thanks for any ideas.