I recently had an accident and my car has been declared a total loss by the insurance company.

They have offered £14000, I’ve asked £14900. I bought the car new, limited edition Skoda Octavia VRS. Because so few were made to this spec it is impossible to find the 3-5 equivalent cars for sale with comparable mileage to judge if the value is reasonable. I can only find one exact match for sale and it has a very different mileage figure to mine.

I’ve used all the cars I can see advertised of that spec as a comparison (about 15 examples found online) – all are similar age as this edition was only sold for a few months. Specs are identical apart from est/hatch and manual/auto variations. I’ve used this to show how price varies with mileage, how it compares manual vs auto and how it compares estate vs hatch. I’ve also made an allowance for my fitting towbar and bluetooth.

They’ve just replied saying their valuation stands as they need “exact examples” to support any change.

I’ve asked them how they come up with their valuation in the absence of exact examples but in the meantime what would be the process if we do not come to an agreement?

It’s AXA / Swiftcover if that makes any difference.

loose does not rhyme with choose but lose does and is the word you meant to write.