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Newbie looking for debt advice


Today, 1:26 PM

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If you need to travel a lot for work, can you not ask your company to provide a card for you? You shouldn’t be put of pocket on their behalf.

If your parents do not the money repaid in short order, than you could consider clearing the highest interest debts in full, and applying any remaining to the next debt.

If you haven’t already defaulted, then doing so will affect your rating for 6 years. This will apply to settlements, as they will remain on your record. If you don’t already have them there. clearing big chunks of debt might get you into a position where you could apply for low-life of balance cards or 0% cards to refinance the debts and make them more affordable.

If you’ve already defaulted, then your rating is stuffed and you should take any deals you can get, as it makes no difference now! Go onto a DMP and let your parents keep the money completely, as you may find that you can get all the interest frozen and stop the sums increasing as you pay off the capital.

Good luck

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