My wife was involved in an “at fault” car accident a little over 5 years ago. She claimed on her insurance, and all appeared to be resolved.

Yesterday she received a court summons regarding a claimant who is now claiming £3000 for injuries allegedly sustained to his neck in the accident.

While the claim itself is laughable (he has in the interim successfully entered the army, and the documentation my wife received included a doctor’s opinion effectively saying that he believes a pre-existing condition to be more relevant), I think we’ll have to go through due process to have it shown to be such.

Both at the time of the accident and now my wife has legal cover with her motor insurance provider. It would appear that her insurer at the time have already been approached and said that they want nothing to do with it.

Clearly any insurance company will do all they can to avoid involvement. My question is, which insurance company should we be approaching, and can anyone point me to the reason why please?

Thanks for your time.