My son parked in a empty permit only car park for 5 minutes & has now received a letter from a Parking control company to say he must pay £100 within 28 days or £60 in 14 days (up tomorrow). The company is a member of IPC.

From the photo they took, it looks like there was a sign about 4 spaces away saying there is 24 hour enforcement, although no sign on the entrance to the car park. I also believe the charge is too high for the ‘offence’

I’ve read quite a lot on various sights & understand they can only enforce if they issue court proceedings. I want to know if my son would incur more charges on top of what they are asking for if it went to court & does anyone have experience of going to court & having the charge reduced or thrown out.

And does anyone have experience of these companies that charge for appealing on your behalf for a very small fee (£5)