I am after a bit of help if possible if anyone has some for me. quick explanation, stupidly took out a cashing cheque loan around 12 months ago (if not more, stupid I know) for £600. kept rolling over and over with me not being able to repay and just kept paying the interest.

finally this month saved up some more funds. called the company and explained I wanted to pay off £300 this month and roll over 3 cheques again to repay them at the end of November when for once I would realistically actually have the finds to do so. lad on the phone said he shouldn’t do it due to change in legislation and that he should make me change the remaining £300 loan into a quick loan, however as he knew me and also due to the fact that would cost me more in the long run he would do it providing the final £300 of cheques are paid off at the end of this month. no problem I thought finally get these sorted out.

I work out of the area 6 days a week now so sent my wife in with the cash to roll over last 3 cheques as other £300 now cleared out of my account. lady in the shop flatly refused to do it said I need to go in and turn into a quick loan and she’ll give me 2 weeks to do so. really annoyed as to do that will mean not getting paid a days work to get in there so would cost me even more money! in 25 days i’ll have the money to pay off in full don’t want to pay off more again and already was agreed rightly or wrongly with an employee of theirs. any ideas how to sort them out? was wondering whether just to stop the cheques and go in and just pay them the £300 on the 30th of November as planned but don’t know the legalities of this and also don’t want to incur more fees. I know it was more than stupid to take the money to start with never mind let it drag on so long but just want to sort it in as cheap a way as possible