ParkingEye had issued a court claim against a Ms Byrne (claim no. 3JD04522), and one of the helpers from Pepipoo assisted the OP with her defence.

PE were requested to provide evidence of landowner’s authority to levy parking charges and pursue non-payers to court, and they produced a Witness Statement signed by the managing agents, Colliers International.

We had seen various other copies of this same witness statement relating to other cases, and it seemed odd that the signature on each one was absolutely identical – if you laid one piece of paper on top of another, the signatures matched perfectly. However, the dates all seemed to be in different handwriting.

This led to the conclusion that Colliers had simply signed a blank form, and that PE had photocopied a stack of these, filling in the details to suit each case.

The OP contacted Colliers directly and confronted them with the evidence, and their representative said that they would have to speak to PE’s legal department as these were “serious allegations”.

A few days later, the OP received notification that the claim was now discontinued. Unsurprisingly perhaps, as one imagines that neither PE nor Colliers would want this apparently dubious practice publicly aired in a Court of Law.

I wonder if Mr Pindar of Capita knew what he was letting his company in for when they agreed to buy this lot?

Speeding cases fought: 24 (3 of mine, 21 for others). Cases won: 20. Points on licence: 0. Private Parking Tickets Ignored: 3. Paid: 0.

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