Hello all,

We had a massive damp problem in the kitchen when we bought it.

It seems it was two fold, the original owners had built up a patio covering the air bricks and also quite a number of the bricks were chipped and missing their ‘face’ so I assume are now porus.

We no longer have any rising damp but we do still have distinct patches of penetrating damp.
I’ve looked up storm dry online and we’re considering buying some, however there is a problem in that the previous owners tried to paint the bricks (in normal masonry paint to fix the problem?).

This is one of many many things they have done in that house which made no sense and caused issues.

Anyways, what sort of prep will the wall need to take something like storm dry after having been painted with masonry paint?

And also are there any other products anyone would recommend. Ideally we’d just render the whole of the outside but of course that has it’s draw backs too and it would cost alot more.