Whilst I’d happily rent a van and do it myself, my wife is keen for us to get professional removal people in when we finally complete on buying our first house.

I’ve had one quote back from a company who sent somebody round to survey our contents and was wondering if it’s in the right ballpark. I’m trying to get more quotes but it’s about double what I was hoping to pay.

We are moving from a 3 bed end of terrace to a 4 bed semi, about 45 miles from East London to Colchester.

Our large furniture includes: double divan bed, Childs bed, one armchair, 6 seater dining table and chairs, tv bench, AV unit, side table, bookcase, large office desk and filing cabinet and some outdoor toys – a swing, plastic slide and small trampoline. The only appliances are microwave and vacuum cleaner, plus TV and AV equipment, laptop and printer. Kids toys, clothes, the usual contents.

The survey estimate was 37.5 cubic metres.

The full quote was £700 + VAT for the move and another £250 + VAT for full packing service. £50k insurance cover included.

Is this good or OTT?