Hi in my living room I have 3 windows the biggest of which is 2m wide and about 1.9m high. The other two combined equal about the same. All of which have the papery thin blinds

My windows nearly cover the length of my living room and are double glazed. My kitchen and living room are open plan with the kitchen at the North with no windows.

They are also south facing and I’m on a second floor flat, although it’s a garage beneath my home.

I notice every day my other rooms bedrooms and bathrooms are generally 18 degrees in the morning while my living room is typically 16 degrees. This was the case before the heating went on a week or so back.

I have blinds in the living room and I wondered if these are poor insulators of heat. Should I put up curtains as well? I would have to get a rail etc.

I live in the South East. I’ve also used 8 kWh for hot water and heat in the past 24hrs!! My thermostats are set to 16 degrees in each room and the water is set to 55degrees.

My living room does increase by a couple of degrees throughout the day.

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