We’ve been customers of Supanet for 12 years (started with DialUp and then moved to broadband). We’ve never agreed to a new contract but every now and then they put the monthly DD up by £1-£2, so we call, they say it was an error on their part, and they put the price back down.
The last time we did this was in July 2013 when the DD went from £14.99 to £16.99. I called up and was told that they weren’t sure why it had increased as we hadn’t gone over our usage allowance, so they reduced it back down to £14.99.

We’ve just decided to take advantage of one of BTs offers, as we have our phoneline with them too, so called Supanet for our MAC code to switch.
Well, that is apparently being sent in the post…
In the meantime, I apparently have to pay £178.50 early termination fee for cancelling within the minimum term (which apparently is 24 months..), having been a customer for 12 years I asked how this could be possible, and was told that during the July phonecall I had agreed to a new contract! I did no such thing! My next DD is due on 7th January 2014 and I am worried they will try and take the full £178.50 from my account..
I was told by the adviser that she would listen to the phonecall and get back to me, which she of course hasn’t done, but I have read that unless they can provide me with either a signed contract or a recording of me agreeing to the contract-stating all T&Cs and cancellation policies, then it is null and void.. I’m not sure how true this is?

Any help you can offer me would be greatly appreciated as I’m starting to panic now!!!

Thanks so much!